Slimming diet for employees
Slimming diet for employees
You do not have to eat your own food or eat different foods to lose weight. It is enough to eat less and eating less does not mean spending more time or spending more
The best slimming diet
The best slimming diet
The best weight loss diet is one that provides the body with the nutrients it needs to function properly
The key to success in a diet program
The key to success in a diet program
Strengthen your willpower to reach your main goal. The only key to success is to follow a diet and follow the advice of nutritionists

Special nutrition counseling services

Using modern methods, we offer a variety of diets for weight loss and slimming, as well as diets for weight gain and diseases.

Provide diet

Using modern methods, we offer a variety of diets for weight loss and slimming.

Online diet

The online diet system is designed to save you money and time.

Athletes' diet

Athletes' diet should meet the nutritional needs of athletes at every level of training.

Diet for children

To get the best results for children, you need to balance calories with diet

The best nutrition and diet counseling center

The new scientific treatment regimen is with a different approach that in order to improve the quality of physical and mental health for each person, offers a special program based on the principles of the world so that everyone benefits from good health and wellness. Ronak Nutrition Counseling Center Provides services in the following cases:

  • Nutritionist
  • Slimming machine
  • Diet
  • Obesity diet
  • Abdominal surgery
  • Diet
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Diabetes diet

Obesity diet

Unlike most people who are looking to lose weight, maybe your concern is how to gain weight?


Thousands of overweight people have lost weight using Ronak Slimming Diet.

Stabilization regime

For many dieters and exercise enthusiasts, the challenge of maintaining a healthy weight has proven to be more difficult than losing weight.

Pregnancy diet

Being overweight after childbirth is very common. Returning to normal weight is very beneficial for future health and pregnancy.

Diabetes diet

If you also suffer from diabetes, knowing the nutrition tips of diabetes can help you control this disease.

Ronak Nutrition Consulting Center team

The team of Nutrition and Diet Therapy Counseling Center is ready to provide services to your loved ones by using the most up-to-date facilities and medical equipment.

Ali Amini Nutritionist
Vice Chancellor for Health , Ahvaz University of Medical Sciences
Hooman Helmi Nutrition counseling
Master of Nutrition and official member of the Iranian Nutrition Association
38591120 - medical doctor woman.
Fatemeh Ahmadzadeh Nutritionist
Master of Nutrition and official member of the Iranian Nutrition Association
Amin Marashi Nutritionist
Master of Nutrition and official member of the Iranian Nutrition Association

Why choose Ronak?

If you have repeatedly experienced unprincipled diets and have not achieved the desired result and need help, Zivan Nutrition and Diet Therapy Clinic is with you! All diets of this center are based on a combination of the latest treatment methods of modern science and traditional medicine, and are adjusted based on the clinical and metabolic, temperament and physical conditions of each person and are unique and can be prevented to prevent possible complications. Cannot be used by others.

Regime record holders

Those who follow the Ronak Nutrition Counseling Center diet very well will get the results you will see.

Comments and success of loved ones

The opinions and success of the loved ones who used the Ronak regime program are so great that I really do not know which one to leave to you.

The start of the Ronak diet was great because I already knew a little and adapted completely. The dietary variety of the diet was amazing and I was very comfortable with the to-do list and the daily list.

Massoud Adlparvar

Massoud Adlparvar

After losing weight, my daily life has changed a lot. I feel a few years younger and my self-confidence is much higher

B Afshar

B Afshar

My advice to people who want to go on a diet is not to do so much today and tomorrow. Decide and start as soon as possible.

Hassan Ahmad Zadeh

Hassan Ahmad Zadeh

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